About Spelunk Computing



Spelunk Computing was established to provide activities for children that promote computers as tools for exploration. These activities are designed to honor the legacy of, but not replace, fundamental physical toys like blocks. They are also intended as a counterweight to the plethora of sophisticated, structured role playing activities that dominate many children’s experience with computers. Just like classic toys, the open-ended nature of these activities makes them appeal to adults as well as children.


  • 1998 – Spelunk Computing founded
  • 1998 – Shapari Introduced
  • 2001 – Curvay Introduced
  • 2009 – TriFill Introduced
  • 2009 – Color Spelunker (formerly Color Explorer) Introduced
  • 2009 – OscilloScribe (formerly Curvay) Introduced
  • 2009 – Shape Safari Introduced
  • 2011 – Photo Spelunker Introduced


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