Curvay Description

Curvay draws by moving a virtual pen under the control of a pair of waves. The technique is described in some detail in a tutorial: Drawing with a Wave-Guided Pen. It produces a rich variety of figures ranging from simple figure 8’s to spirograph patterns and beyond. You can color regions of these figures, adding your own interpretation and artistry. You can also specify the waves that guide the pen, thereby creating new figures. The waves are constructed from simple building blocks and wave parameters can be specified numerically or adjusted graphically. Curvay is designed to encourage experimentation and exploration. The Curvay User’s Guide offers a more complete description of the program and its operation. For examples of what you can create with Curvay see the Gallery below.


Gallery Screen Shot

Curvay is availble for Windows (XP or Vista). Go to the download page to obtain a copy.