Edit Toolbar

The toolbar appearing in the upper left when the wave pair editor is active contains controls that apply to both waveforms. The controls operate as follows:

Duration Edit The pattern duration field determines how many wave cycles the pattern drawing lasts. The duration is expressed in units that are normalized such that a wave of frequency = 1 will complete one cycle in one unit time. A wave of frequency = 2 will complete two cycles in the same time, etc.
The next two buttons are mutually exclusive, i.e. only one of these remains pressed at a given time. They dictate what happens when wave discontinuities, i.e. abrupt value changes, are encountered. Square waves and, frequently, waves composed from squares waves, exhibit discontinuities.
Jump Gaps Button When the jump gaps button is down the pattern drawing “pen” is briefly lifted at discontinuities. Effectively, the pen moves from one point to another, possibly distant point, without drawing a connecting line.
Draw Gaps Button When the draw gaps button is down the pattern drawing “pen” always remains down, thus drawing the pattern with an unbroken line.
Draw Pattern Button The draw pattern button draws the pattern corresponding to the edited wave pair.
Auto Draw Check Box When the auto draw check box is checked the pattern is redrawn automatically each time one of the waves is altered. This allows you to quickly see the results as you experiment with wave parameters. Setting the drawing speed to maximum further expedites the process.