Grid (not available on-line)


Most of the gallery is occupied by a grid of frames into which drawings can be deposited for storage. Initially the grid is 3-by-3 but it is expandable. The grid view can zoom in on a single drawing or zoom out to a 9-by-9 view (see the view buttons). It can also scroll left and right or up and down (see grid navigation). Lastly, pages are automatically added on demand, i.e. each time the last page is occupied another page is added.

To add a drawing to the grid, drag it to the desired location and release. The drawing need not be positioned exactly over the desired location. As long as it’s mostly covering the location it will drop into place. Drawings can also be moved from one grid location to another by dragging. Dropping a drawing on a location that is already occupied by another will cause the two drawings to trade places.