Color Mixer Menu

Right click on any color mixer to display the following context menu.

Context Menu
Cancel closes the context menu without selecting any item. The same result can also be achieved by clicking somewhere outside the context menu or pressing the Esc key.
Edit Mix launches a color editor that can be used to make precise adjustments to the mixed color.
Clear Mix empties the select mixer.
Clear All Mixes empties all mixers.
Save Mix (not available on-line) saves the color that appears in the selected mixer. The saved color will reappear the next time the same user runs Curvay.
Save All Mixes (not available on-line) saves the colors appearing in all mixers such that they will reappear the next time the same user runs Curvay.
Mix Shades Between offers a quick way to mix a progression of shades. To use this feature, fill two mixers with different colors, leaving one or more empty mixers in between. Right click on one of the empty mixers and select this option from the menu. The empty mixers will be filled with shades that are evenly distributed across the color space gap between the two original colors.