Color Mixers

Color Mixers The column of apparent depressions to the left of the color wheel are color mixers. Within each color mixer you can combine two colors to obtain an intermediate shade. The steps for mixing two colors are as follows:

  1. Select the first color
  2. Deposit the color in an empty mixer by clicking anywhere within it. The color will fill the right half of the mixer.
  3. Select the second color
  4. Click in the left half of the mixer to deposit the second color
  5. Click in the right half (where the mixed shade appears) to activate the mixed color

You can mix more than two colors by repeating steps 3 and 4 as many times as desired. You can also deposit the second color multiple times to obtain a shade that is closer to the second color than the first. Notice the gray color in the third mixer. The color wheel doesn’t supply any grays but various shades are readily attained by mixing appropriate amounts of black and white.

If after depositing a color you don’t care for the result, click the gray half of the Eraser to remove the added color. Each of the clear buttons empties the mixer to its right allowing you to start over. The mixers also offer a context menu with additional options.