Grid Navigation (not available on-line)

These buttons select from three available grid views; a view containing one full sized drawing, a view containing nine (3-by-3) reduced drawings and a view containing 81 (9-by-9) even smaller drawings. The three views are nested. The 81 drawing view includes color-coded boxes showing the regions that will be displayed upon selecting the 3-by-3 or 1-by-1 view.

Scroller and Tabs

When a multi-drawing view is displayed, the innermost (single drawing) box can be repositioned by clicking on any drawing. The current view can be panned left or right using the scroll bar at the bottom of the grid. It can also be panned up or down using the scroll bar to the right of the grid. Until the limits of 1024 rows and 1024 columns are reached the grid always contains a column of empty frames to the right of the rightmost drawing and a row of empty frames below the bottommost drawing.

Drawings can also be stored on additional pages. Click on a numbered tab to the right of the grid to select the desired page. A new blank page is automatically added when a drawing is placed on the current last page. Together panning and paging offer the flexibility to store one drawing on each of many pages, many drawings on a single page or something in between.

The keyboard can also be used to navigate the gallery. The plus (+) and minus (-) keys zoom the view in and out, respectively. The arrow keys (up, down, left and right) can be used to move the innermost view. When the innermost view reaches the edge of the current view (or if it is the current view) the current view will pan. Pages 1-9 can be selected by pressing the corresponding number key.