Wave Tree Toolbar

The toolbars appearing directly above each wave tree contain controls that operate on selected tree nodes. These controls are as follows:

The wave choice control provides a drop down list of wave and wave combination types. To use it, select a node in the wave tree (this could be an empty node, represented by an empty square box). Next select a wave from the choice list. The selected node will be changed to match the choice. Any applicable sub-nodes of the altered node will be retained. For example if the wave is changed from a sinusoid to a square wave, the amplitude, offset, frequency and phase sub-nodes will be retained. Similarly, a summation of components may be changed to a product of the same components. On the other hand, upon changing a sinusoid to a sum, the amplitude, offset frequency and phase will be discarded since they are no longer relevant.

The copy button places a copy of the selected node and all of its sub-nodes on an internal clipboard.The paste button replaces the selected node and all of its sub-nodes with the contents of the clipboard. It is possible to copy from one tree and paste to the other, thus providing an easy means of creating similar X and Y waves that tend to give rise to symmetric patterns.The cut button removes the currently selected node and all of its sub-nodes from the tree and places it on the clipboard. Not all nodes can be cut. Nodes that are components of sums or products can be cut but wave parameter nodes (amplitude, offset, frequency, and phase) cannot, since their parent waves always possess these properties.The undo button reverses the last change made to the wave tree. Multiple levels of undo are supported.