Wave Plots

The waves themselves are plotted in the area to the right of the wave definition trees. The y-axis wave, corresponding to the upper wave tree, is plotted in red along the y-axis. The x-axis wave, corresponding to the lower wave tree, is plotted in blue along the x-axis. Notice that the wave trees are colored to match the wave plots. When changes are made to the wave trees they are automatically reflected in the wave plots. When a wave sub-component is selected in a wave tree, it is plotted with a bold line alongside the total wave.

When a pattern is being drawn (see the draw pattern button) the waves go into motion, propagating along their respective axes. The moving waves drive the pen. The wave on the y-axis drives the x-position and the wave on the x-axis drives the y-position. To illustrate this, a vertical dotted red line follows the x-position of the y-axis wave while a dotted blue line follows the y-position of the x-axis wave. The pen position is determined by the intersection of the dotted lines. If the drawing action is hard to follow, slow it down using the speed slider.