Indoor and Outdoor

Are you more of a jogger in your town or a gym guy? We are all different, and therefore, training can also be changed.

On the one hand, some athletes prefer to go out and train in the street and feel the air while exercising, but on the other hand, there are people who prefer to do it inside a gym. What’s better?

In this article, we will discover the differences between outdoor sport and indoor sport so that you can see the advantages and disadvantages of both practices and choose the one that interests you the most.

Playing sport indoor – pros and cons

To respond to your doubts about whether the sport is better outdoors or in enclosed spaces, we will begin by analyzing this last point, that is, indoor sport.

The benefits of indoor sports are many and varied, among them:

More intensity: the game within a closed center or space allows you to concentrate all your forces and energies on the exercise you are doing. On the outside, you can get distracted, and you are not always aware of the intensity and speed at which you exercise.

More visible results: that you can train more intensively will also allow the results you get to be more visible. You can gain more muscle mass, burn more calories, increase your stamina, et cetera. All this is because your visits to the gym are 100% productive.

Disadvantages of indoor training

However, there are also some contras that we need to know before choosing this option.:

Less motivation: it’s much more helpful to run on the street, on the mountain or the beach than to do it inside a gym overlooking a white wall. This can lead us, in the long run, to stop training so often because we find this kind of sport, boring and monotonous.

Vitiated air: it is also essential to indicate that, in gyms (especially at rush hour), many people are training and, therefore, the atmosphere may be vitiated with humanity or with unpleasant smells that can make our training not entirely pleasant.

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Outdoor sport – pros and cons

We continue this article now talking about the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor sports so that you can choose the best practice for yourself. We begin talking about the benefits:

Less stress: running or outdoor training will help you relax your mind, reduce stress, and feel better. The reason is that the landscape you observe while practicing sport also helps to improve your mental state and therefore, to make the experience much more pleasant and positive.

More perseverance: on the other hand, running by the beach or in a forest is much more motivating and pleasant than doing it inside a gym. This makes running not only a pure sport mechanics but also a pleasant moment of peace and serenity for all your senses.

Disadvantages of outdoor sports

Inconveniences climatological: it is one of the most prominent and annoying difficulties and is that, if it is raining, if it is very hot or very hot you will not feel like going for a run or sport in the street. This can affect your training pace and make you not train whenever you want.

Traffic is people and cars: you can also see that if you train in the city, your training is subject to traffic lights, passers-by, cars, etc. This can be annoying if you’re getting ready to get your brands improved or to participate in a race.